Navigating Love: A Roadmap for Building Healthy Relationships

The Reveal Your Love team has been working to improve relationships OFF the dance floor as much as we work to improve them ON the dance floor. We are proud to announce a new book and one-of-a-kind map for improving relationships and resolving conflict.

The book is now available! Visit Navigating Love to learn more.


Chapter 2:


Navigating Love is about healthy relationship choices and the barriers that prevent us from making them. It is about the thin line between desire and dysfunction. This book offers a detailed map for transitioning from relationships based on Infatuation (selfish attraction) to relationships based on Connection (sustainable attraction) and is an in-depth exploration of where resentment comes from, how it destroys relationships, and practical ways to prevent it.

The goal of this book is to help you improve your relationships by offering healthy alternatives to the behaviors that destroy them. What is unique is that I've actively designed and tested these alternatives personally, over four years of my own relationships.

What makes this book unique:

First, many books focus on only a subset of the problem. This results in books that are concise, but unrealistic. For example, a book that deals with communication without also addressing human nature will be almost useless in real relationships.

Second, many books fail to address the messy parts of real relationships: the petty battles and the bag of tricks people publicly denounce, but privately employ to win arguments such as name calling, guilt tripping, and picture painting. The high minded tactics presented in many books are no match for the 'street fighting' used in real relationships.

Third, many books are long which creates an incentive not to read them. By reviewing my ideas with over 100 people, the complexity and fluff have been reduced. Believe it or not, I am able to describe the whole problem and the solution in 132 pages, making this a tool couples can read to each other in a few hours.

Fourth, this is the only book I am aware of that contains a map in the traditional sense, as a navigational aid. The map is designed to identify the safe and unsafe areas in relationships and help couples navigate them. Once the book is read, the map makes it easy to recall the key points and doubles as a visual table of contents.