Emotion - 101 (Classes starting soon, Pre-register Today!)

For many people, our hectic lifestyles leave little room for building deep long term connections. We have cell phones, e-mail, and the Internet, but often feel less connected. We have extensive contact lists, but little actual contact. Dancing in general is a popular way to meet people, exercise, and have fun. Salsa dancing with  its cultural richness, its connection to love and passion, and its popularity is a perfect way to express yourself  and connect with others. (Click HERE to learn more)


Emotion - 102 (Classes starting soon, Pre-register Today!)

In Emotion-102, we answer the question: What makes an intermediate level dancer “look” intermediate? Building on all of the steps we learned in Emotion-101, we investigate the subtle differences between beginner and intermediate dancers that build rapport. Emotion-101 got you to the dance floor, Emotion-102 will keep you there! (Click HERE to learn more)


Emotion - 103 (Classes starting soon, Pre-register Today!)

In Emotion-103, we focus on advanced moves and pattern making. We've developed a matrix of all the moves learned in Emotion-101 and Emotion-102 and use the matrix to teach students to create their own patterns. (Click HERE to learn more)


Infinity (Classes starting soon, Pre-register Today!)

Everything we do brings us back to our essence. Everything we've learned prepares us for connection on a grand scale. There are so many moves packed into Emotion-101, 102, and 103 that we are not left with enough time to play. In this BRAND NEW CLASS we will learn to let go: We will play with the music, tap into our feminine and masculine energies, and experiment with several new advanced moves and patterns. (Click HERE to learn more)